Many businesses with storefront locations choose to operate on a cash-only basis. Card processing systems entail the purchase or lease of equipment as well as dedication of a phone line or Internet connection. Moreover, credit transactions sometimes prove costly because of card- and identity-theft issues; in the event that a sale is later declared fraudulent, the retailer loses the funds as well as its product or services.

Credit card companies often require retailers and other vendors to apply as a condition of accepting online transactions. New businesses without a credit history or those with credit issues sometimes fail to qualify for service. In addition, the fees from accepting credit cards reduce profitability for large transactions and may necessitate price increases for lower-cost products, reducing competitiveness. Placing an automatic teller machine on-site, however, allows businesses to provide their customers with the convenience of using credit cards without subjecting themselves to additional risk and expense. 

About the company:
Nationwide Automated Systems provides clients with free ATM equipment and services. The organization offers secure, attractive products that enhance customer experience while generating additional revenues. For more information about Nationwide Automated Systems, visit
Rick Mason

Does anyone have any information on what is happening with NAS per late / bounced checks and no response from the company / Joel Gillis? Sharing information might be helpful.


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    February 2013